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Port Support Services Limited deals in Marine Engineering and Consultancy services. Incorporated in Kenya as limited company in 2005, Port Support Services also undertakes General Construction works and supply of hardware, electrical, safety gears, dry food stuff, fruits,vegetable,  cleaning materials and detergents.

The directorship and entire staff of the company has a very wide knowledge in management, procurement, engineering, Construction and supplies, and are well versed with the current government procurement regulations (Public Procurement and Disposal Act-2005). The company is a VAT and ETR compliant.

Supply Chain Logistics

We have a sound logistical network, efficient and effective for goods and services delivery.  We have the ability to serve  a  large client base with attention to special demands for each client, we have in place a systematized supply chain network to deal with each and every requirement.

Tools and Technology

We have the tools and technology to facilitate the professional execution of the various roles or contracts that we undertake.

Company Foresight

Proper management is mandatory if there is any expectations of satisfying our clients.  The encouragement is that it is possible to meet the needs of our clients.  This is evident from the compliments the organization has received from our various clients who have continually entrusted us to give them services satisfactorily.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be most efficient in Marine and Civil Contract and to supply a wide range of goods to our clients.

  • To be productive and prompt in responding to our customers needs.
  • To sustain a working environment that attracts, develops and retain committed employees.
  • To be equal opportunity employer.
  • To enhance good corporate image and social responsibility.
  • To sustain a strong and consistence financial performance.

Our Vision

To be among  the top leading customer oriented companies in the provision of goods and services.

Health and Safety

Safety at our workplace is our number one priority. We promote an injury-free work environment for our employees, by providing our employees and subcontractors with the tools, gear, knowledge and resources needed to increase safety, and reduce injury risk on every project we manage.


Company Brochure

Company Brochure

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